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harassed by bill collectors - Peck Law Firm Legal Assistance

Being harassed by bill collectors?

Florida's comprehensive and powerful law to address illegal debt collection practices. Bill collectors must comply with very strict rules. A single telephone call, letter, or email can trigger a violation of the Florida Consumer Collections Practices Act (FCCPA).

Credit Card Defense

Are You Being Sued Over a Credit Card or Student Loan? Click Here for More Information on Credit Card Defense 

Bill Collector Harassment

Don't let harassment dictate your life—take the first step towards reclaiming your peace of mind here.

Personal Injury!

If you have sustained a serious personal injury, it is important that you seek the assistance  of a legal professional before you speak with an insurance representative. 

personal injury lawyer peck law firm - seek the assistance  of a legal professional

Personal Injury

Are You Injured? Click Here for More Information on Our Personal Injury Practice Areas & Personal Injury Laws in Florida. 

Auto Accidents

Been in an Auto Accident? Click Here for More Information About Florida's Car Accident Laws.

peck law firm foreclosure law - Even if you have missed many payments we may rightfully delay Foreclosure


Even if you have missed many payments we may rightfully delay Foreclosure (Often 2-5 Years) by the exercise of your legal rights. You may stay in home until the foreclosure is concluded.

Foreclosure Defense

Take control of your situation by arming yourself with knowledge and accessing professional support.


Filing bankruptcy may be the exact fresh start that a person needs in order to get out of debt and move on with their life.

Involved in a Auto Accident?

If you or someone you care about has been involved in an automobile accident, it is very important that an attorney be consulted as soon as possible after the accident.

auto accident lawyers - involved in an automobile accident

"Mr . Peck has been absolutely amazing! Right from the start , he had my back and was eager to get the job done! I trusted him and his advice and came out on top! Thank You Peck Law Firm Spring Hill! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!"

Katherine Snider

November 2023

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